About US

About Us
Serenity Jungle Retreat

Located in the heart of Kanha National Park, Serenity Jungle Retreat is the leading hospitality destination for wildlife tourism in Madhya Pradesh, India, since 2017. Serenity, as it is lovingly referred to, has been conceived as a dedicated institution for the sake of environment-enthusiasts, nature lovers, local communities and global cultural vagabonds alike. At Serenity, holiday-makers can choose to indulge in a wide variety of unprecedented experiences and exclusive activities. Jungle Safaris through the core areas; Nature-Hiking in buffer zones; and Trail-Biking along the remote forest pugdundees can be best enjoyed in warm company of our expert Naturalists. Also organized are guided field-trips to tribal markets and traditional festivals held across local villages. Cultural exchanges between our guests and local indigenous communities are facilitated via osmotic cooking sessions, art workshops and leisurely picnics held in the picturesque countryside.

Bird species like Golden Oriole, Little Green Bee-eater, Red Wattled Lapwing and Ultramarine Flycatcher, amongst many others, are frequent residents at Serenity, making for an exclusively one-off Birding opportunity. Plants and trees such as Saal, Mahua, Mulberry, Jamun and Maniphal grow naturally inside the campus, further attracting a plethora of fauna – fruit bats, giant squirrels and macaques etc. included. The Organic Farm and Herbal Garden maintained vehemently at Serenity provides for sustainably-sourced fruits, spices and vegetables for in-house kitchen. With primary emphasis on cultivating best practices of responsible tourism, Serenity aims to protect and nourish the indigenous nature of Kanha National Park in a socially responsible and environmentally accountable manner.

About Us

Serenity Jungle Retreat provides the best platform in central India to experience the magic of Kanha National Park. With easy rail; road; and air access to the park; and facilities for Jungle Safaris, Serenity Jungle Retreat makes your holiday as comfortable and as memorable as it gets. In-house dining, swimming pool, open air theatre, Gazebo and the main Lobby greatly enhance your on-site experiences. On top of this, Birdwatching, Jungle Hiking, Art workshops and Village market visits are some of the added experiences our guests can be a part of.

Serenity Jungle Retreat wishes to nurture its goals in harmony with abundant nature. We constantly work towards realizing our objectives of flawless customer service coupled with sustainable and environment-friendly growth for our common future. Social Responsibility - giving back to the community - has been our primary institutional driver. With a firm belief in 'global to local' and vice-versa, Serenity Jungle Retreat brings the best practices at the service of our guests and pools the resources generated in the process back to their points of origin.

The ideological origins of Serenity Jungle Retreat are rooted in the ethos of responsible environmental tourism and wildlife conservation. With the help of patrons like you, we hope to give back to the land and local communities the fruits of our dedication and hard labour. We, at Serenity Jungle Retreat, strive continuously to enforce the highest standards of hospitality and work tirelessly to remain the best in the business.